100% SOLAR



First USCG inspected solar passenger vessel


by design


For you and your guests. Imagine peaceful conversations in the absence of engine noise. 

Enjoy the Journey

Without the smell of engine exhaust

No oil or air pollution 


Our boats are 100% solar electric, meaning they do not require

fuel or shore power. 

Low maintenance

Electric propulsion systems have almost no maintenance expense 




You could be a retiring or downsizing sailor. Perhaps you are an up-and-coming professional searching for your first yacht. Maybe you simply love classic boats. Either way, you value sustainability or you wouldn't be here on this page.  Wouldn't your lake, river or sound be a classier place with a boat that is in alignment with your values?   

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This is a picnic/cocktail launch for

2-10 people that will turn heads 

and comfortably sleep 2

Proof of Concept Cruise:

SS27 in the San Juans

This vessel is the first ever 100% solar passenger vessel to receive a USCG Certificate of Inspection

Proudly Built by the

Hudson River Maritime Museum


Expertly designed by

Dave Gerr

Proudly Built by Devlin Boat

A fully functional cruiser

powered by the sun! 


Just like our 38' cruiser,

but with 2 private cabins


From the Creator

Solar Sal 40


Click photo for news clip

of historic journey

Soundtrack includes the

song she was named for:

"I've got a mule

her name is Sal

15 miles on the Erie Canal"

SS Cargo Photo.jpg

David Borton

Troy, New York

Alex Borton

Bellingham, Wa

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Electric System by BRJ Solutions

SS27 is for sale

WA State sales tax EXEMPT

for electric vessels

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