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Sustainable Energy Systems Presents

100 % Solar Marine Propulsion

Solar Sal Diagram
Clean                  Quiet                  Reliable

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Solar Sal 27
For Sale  at the
Anacortes Boat Show
May 16-19, 2019

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by Sam Devlin

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like the Sol prototype below
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Tour Boat

by Dave Gerr

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This product is on track to become the first US Coast Guard inspected passenger boat that is solar powered. That means this vessel does not plug into shore power - it get 100% of its power from the sun. 

45' Cruiser

Social Layout

by Sam Devlin
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38' Cruiser

44' Cruiser

45' Cruiser

by Sam Devlin
by Dave Gerr
Liveaboard Layout
by Sam Devlin
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These solar electric boats, requiring no fuel and little maintenance, demonstrate that 100% solar powered marine transportation is practical. Sol, (2011) a 25 foot launch, operates on an Adirondack lake where there is no road and no electricity. Solar Sal, 40 foot and named after the old Erie Canal song, has been cruising the Hudson River and Erie Canal for three boating seasons transporting people and cargo. Neither has ever been plugged into shore power.


Solar Sal

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